Pharaohs of Egypt as Alien Hybrids: Truth or Myth?

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There are wall paintings and petroglyphs from every corner of the earth that seem to indicate we have had visitors from other worlds. Who were they? The old inscriptions depict aliens with halos around their heads and appear to be trying to show something from other worlds. There has also been much talk about alien species being responsible for the pyramids. At first, it was a believed to be a myth, but now, it is more than that. According to the latest and modernized genetic studies, Egyptian Pharaohs were the subject to genetic manipulation through an advanced Alien civilization. The conclusions were discussed because it appears like the builders and designers of these pyramids had a strong connection with ET beings. Of course, these ET beings were originated far away.

While the media is silent about this discovery, it is still a massive game changer for human existence. As stated in the history, if Stuart Fleischmann’s 7-year study of the genomes of 9 Pharaohs were proven correct, then the world’s history books should be changed, and humans should be ready to accept the new understanding of the Universe. The research started when Fleischmann and the scientists submitted the ancient DNA to Polymerse Chain Reaction. In this field, the technique is used to amplify and replicate a single piece of DNA, which provides researchers a clearer picture of a genetic fingerprint.

After the initial test, eight of nine samples had interesting results. Akhenaten, who belonged to the 14th century BC Pharaoh and the father of Tutankhamun, is the ninth example. It was a small fragment of brain tissue at first and was then repeated by bone tissue. With regards to the overall findings, none of the results came back to normal. With all the scientific explanation, it is clear that the Pyramids were not created by stones, water, and sand, but are made by advanced ET Beings.

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  1. Love it, always knew that someone else helped build those Pyramids ! Keep finding all this great stuff,,people must know the truth !

  2. This is a load of F***ING BULLSHIT!! You have so little to do you just make up this crap and you actually believe it??? You sad wankers….!

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