The Unexplained Files: Lost Giants of Georgia Bridge of Death S02E08

Unexplained Files

The Unexplained Files – Lost Giants of Georgia Bridge of Death
Science Channel, Season 2 Episode 8
10th October 2014

Lost Giants of Georgia: In the Borjomi Valley a team of experts uncovers bones they believe belong to a human over 9 feet tall. Bridge of Death: The 19th century Overtoun Bridge in Scotland appears to be haunted, causing dogs to jump to their death.

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  1. Some people are very tall. Remains found in Borjomi valley belong, in my opinion, to very tall medieval individuals, rather than to some race of giants. The skull, bones were definitely of Homo sapiens, they have nothing to do with the discoveries of hominid bones in Dmanisi, I believe.

  2. O’l fred has seen many a giant gal at the laundromat, some a them gals is as wide as tall and don’t leave o’l fred no room to get by walkin sideways….. and reeel mean too …. got the disposition of them gators in down south….

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