Bright triangle formation hovering above Toronto, Canada 20-Dec-2014

Ontario UFO

Check out this interesting video of a triangle-shaped UFO formation that was recorded in the sky above Toronto in Canada. This was filmed on Saturday, 20th December 2014.

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  1. I don’t think we have anything in the air which can hover in one place for any length of time, combined with alternating/disappearing navigation lights. Therefore this is either genuine or fake. If genuine, the object is massive. Why didn’t the person behind the camera stop the two passers by, to confirm the sighting? Nevertheless, I think it might be genuine. Only time will tell.

    • My cell phone cam does this during the twilight hours. I believe it’s the autofocus trying to take in movement, the lighting and trying to focus on a number of objects. This causes the lens to zoom in and out to get a clear shot. On a video, with continuous movement and low light, it has a hard time focusing and will cause the video to look like this. If the person can hold the camera still, this lessens that blurring of the zoom. The video looks to be real from my view.

  2. Hard to tell how big the object was as one doesn’t know how close it was to the viewer. However it does look bright like a drone perhaps? Would have to know what the estimated height was. If it was that big surely someone else saw it and reported it.
    I used to live within a few miles of an airport and when planes are coming in to land they can seem to hover if you are looking at them head on.

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