UFO Monitors Apollo 15 Mission

UFO over the Moon

YouTube user Streetcap1 believes that he has found a definitive evidence that a UFO monitored Apollo 15 mission. Scanning the archive photos and footages from the mission, the UFO enthusiast discovered an image that suggested something has been watching the astronauts.

However, the YouTube user made it clear that the image is only a proof of an unidentified flying object, and not evidence of aliens.

A YouTube video was posted on December 17, 2014 and recently receives over 12,000 views. One commenter says that UFOs are not only seen around the moon, but also all over the states. The commenter suggests that more people might wake up if they would take time to watch the sky and have an open mind. However, people today seems to be blind to the truth, the commenter adds.

Huffingtonpost picks up the news and says that if Streetcap1 is correct, then the UFO could have been a fragment of dust on the lens of the camera or a developing error.

The video titled Clear UFO On Moon Picture also provides the original link to the picture from NASA (click here).

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  1. Excellent. Your probably looking at part of the US fleet. Ftom another angle this is delta shaped. I have the pictures. My goodness they will be pannicking now lol.

  2. A “tail” making loops, while there is actually no atmosphere on the moon and would expect a trail to be more or less straight, tends to prove that this is actually a fragment of dust attached to a fiber.

  3. Many photos of lunar anomalies, some appear to be huge communication dishes, industrial complexes, towers, etc. and the dimensions are gigantic compared to the largest structures on earth.

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