Apollo 7 Mission Spotted With A UFO And Astronauts Obscured It With Duct Tape

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In archive footage of the first manned space mission, Apollo 7, a UFO has been spotted. The mysterious flying object can be found in one of the frames from the mission.

UFO fanatics believe that the astronauts decided to hide the truth from the public after realising what was at stake.

Then they took out the duct tape.

The astronauts apparently forced to use what was at hand as censoring technology was not what it is today. In this particular case, they used sticky plastic.

UFO observers speculate that the astronauts breathed a sigh of relief after successfully blocked the concerned object from view. However, the relief would be short-lived as Mission Control almost slipped when they say that while they were very grateful for their effort to hide something, they need not have bothered because they could just not release the photos since redaction was in its infancy.

UFO hunters also discovered something alien in footage of Apollo 12 and 15 missions. However, alien life hunters at NASA still saying that they have yet to find extra-terrestrial life in their over a decade effort in space. So it could be either of the two; Apollo missions were very lucky or NASA just has an abundant supply of duct tape aboard International Space Station (ISS.)

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  1. With all the theories about NASA and the reality of UFO’s and Alien Life, one has to wonder what is really the truth. This is a purposeful situation created by NASA to do exactly what has happened, “we don’t know the truth from the untruth. Speculation is dominant in this adventure, NASA owns the photo’s in question and have been very careful to only let out what they want in order to create this doubt and invention of the Conspiracy Theories. Follow the evidence…

  2. as I have said here many times as a hindu monk 42 years study read many vedas( old hindu books wrote by yoga masters 1,000s of years old)vimanas(ufos)are real all hindu have always said and know,, one day our government will one day come out..

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