Simulated Documentary Takes On Intelligent Extraterrestrial Encounter

the visit

The event of first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial would be explored in a new fictional film under the guise of a documentary movie.

The Visit attempts to describe the actual concerns to address the first contact situation in a very realistic manner. The documentary format of the film offers a very authentic element to the scenario that allows to make this natural feel.

In an effort to present the greatest realistic element, the film uses real people who are likely to be the ones to get involve with a first-contact scenario. Government officials, military personnel, and scientists made appearances in this film, including Mazlan Othman, the director of the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs.

According to the official description of the movie, the question is not about the possibility of it to happen but when it will going to happen as humans continue to send signals into outer space to announce their existence to other civilizations for many years now. The film promises to present chillingly believable situation of first contact on Earth with unprecedented access from military advisors to Director of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, and from experts at NASA’s International Space University to researchers at Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute.

While many believe that first contact already happened a long time ago, and in fact extraterrestrials are already among humans, the official word still maintains that first contact has yet to happen. This issue is also discussed ranging from government reaction to the cultural impact.

The Visit premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on January 28.

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