Orb flying over San Antonio, Texas 10-Feb-2015

UFO Texas

Here’s an infrared video of a huge unidentified flying object flying across the sky above San Antonio, Texas on 10th February 2015.

Witness report: While Skywatching i notice this Low flying Orb above some trees..No FAA navigational light’s were visible only a Huge glowing light…..It appeared to monitoring the area.I decided to pan back using the fence/tree tops as reference points..You can clearly see this U.F.O Orb traveling behind some tree tops…Giving us the altitude it was traveling..This was an awesome sighting due to how Huge and low it was traveling..On the video captures you can see some sort of craft..At some point it travels behind some tree tops and out of view..In my opinion this glowing object was clearly no aircraft or satellite weather balloon..

Author (SAUFOTX @ Youtube)

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  1. I had a similar sighting a short while ago in Rural Valley, Pa. I had taken a picture but the quality wasn’t great. There were 2 at my sighting.

  2. I too saw this type of light orb! My brother saw it as well. I had pointed it out to him but he turned away back into a conversation. I said no dude ((LOOK!!!))..slapping his shoulder,he did look and it was GONE!!..I didn’t take my eyes off of it. It had went from that bright Light into A Dark Blood Red Color into nothing at all. Did any one else see it vanish like that??

  3. Interesting, Randall, I’m in So. Calif, and saw the same type of UFO in a group of about a dozen about a month ago, here in Long Beach. They started out as blood red in color, then all turned a bright orange. A couple groups of 3 made (formed) triangles as they continued all in a similar flight-path/direction. They too, were slow moving like this one and at low altitude. Just as they disappeared (one by one) they turned into a pinpoint sized bright white light, at which point I thought I could almost make out the shape of the craft(s), but just for a fraction of a second. It was my first sighting ever in all my 52 years, and it was a mind-blower.

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