The Role of Superior Civilization On The Ancient Stone Head Of Guatemala


A gigantic stone head discovered over 50 years ago quickly attracted attention. Its face with excellent features was directed up at the sky. It has thin lips and large nose with a face demonstrating Caucasian features. Interestingly, the Caucasian features were not consistent with any of the America’s pre-Hispanic races.

The discovery first made into the news when Dr. Oscar Rafael Padilla Lara, received the picture of the head in 1987. The photograph includes a description stating that it was taken in the 1950s by the owner of the land where the head was discovered. The location was said to be somewhere in the jungles of Guatemala.

The story about the photograph was first featured in a small article in the newsletter Ancient Skies. When explorer and author David Hatcher Childress read about it, he then tried to find Dr. Padilla, who reportedly met the Biener family, the owners of the property. The location was about 10 kilometers from a small village in La Democracia in the southern part of Guatemala.

However, Dr. Padilla said that he was sad to know that the head had been destroyed by revolutionaries around ten years ago before he reached the area. He said that they had located the statue too late. The figure was reportedly used as a target practice by anti-government rebels. The face, according to Padilla, was totally disfigured that the nose and mouth had completely gone. Padilla managed to measure its height as between 4 and 6 meters, with the head resting on the neck. Padilla decided not to return to the area because of the danger caused by armed attacks between government and rebel forces.

The story about the giant head was gone along with the head destruction until it was picked up again by filmmakers a few years ago. The group behind “Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond” used the photograph to support the claim that extra-terrestrials have had contact with past civilizations. The producer presented a document allegedly written by Guatemalan archeologist Hector E. Majia. The document stated that Majia certifies that the monument shows no characteristics of any pre-Hispanic civilizations, including the Maya, Nahuatl, and Olmec. Majia reportedly believes that it was created by an extraordinary and superior civilization with advanced knowledge.

Skeptics say that the letter and the rest of the story about the gigantic head were just part of the publicity stunt, and the authenticity of the letter itself has been drawn into question. Nevertheless, no evidence to suggest that the photograph is fabricated or the account of Dr. Padilla was not real.

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  1. Simply put this is just racist. Why do people have such a hard time believing these cultures actually built these amazing structures? Its more logical to think the ancestors of the locals made them then aliens traveling across the universe to help us put a stone head in the middle of the jungle? Just stop with this racists bullshit please. And accept the fact that many ancient cultures used techniques that we still haven’t discovered yet. You can look at several Olmec facial depictions and see this same style of art as well as in some cultures of the Andes mountains in Peru. Very similar so please do some research before you post this racist garbage. It’s extremely offensive that anytime an amazing feat of construction is discovered we suddenly assume Caucasian’s had to help build it or it was aliens! Yet we know for a fact the Aztec’s blew the minds of Cortez and his men when they saw their capital city. So again do some damn research open up your ignorant mind and understand that many ancient peoples were very sophisticated and did these amazing things without outside help.

  2. It looks to me that this is a head of a white man.So looks like the Indians thought he was a God afterall and helped them to put it up sorry guys.

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