Hangar 1: The UFO Files – UFOs Over Texas S02E07

hangar 1

Hangar 1: The UFO Files – UFOs Over Texas
History Channel, Season 2 Episode 7
22nd May 2015

Texas has been a hotbed for extraordinary UFO activity for decades. As Hangar 1 digs into some of the Lone Star State’s most unusual and best-known cases, patterns point to Texas‘s unique role in a larger government conspiracy.

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  1. I am quite amazed about this second report HANGAR 1.
    It seems that reality superates de fiction.
    My congratulations to all these team from Mufon as they are doing a wonderful job.
    As I informed by this same way in my las comment, about a week ago, I had the chance for the first time in my life to see myself two rectangular Ufos of a light metalic color.
    Not too high and crossing in front of my terrace here in Barcelona / Spain.
    I guess they where Ufos as they did not make any noice and they were not any airplane neiter helicopter. I would love to know what was what I seen.
    Thanks to all of you.
    Best regards,
    Francesc Mora

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