This day in UFO history: The 1942 Battle Against UFO in LA

battle of los angeles

Sirens made a loud noise in Southern California on February 24, 1942, just months after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Becoming a usual happening, people went to the streets to know what was going on and to confirm if it wasn’t another false alarm. Nobody could ever imagine what they would about to witness by then.

The U.S. Navy and the coast guard had gotten all their arsenals set for a possible attack on California’s sunny shores after they received a report about a single or multiple aircraft heading for the coast. When the object became closer and visible, it was confirmed to be not a commercial or private aircraft – something they had not seen before.

The unidentified flying object was massive. It hovered silently and moved at will. Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox issued a go ahead assault to the Navy and Coast Guard. They started firing at the UFO in the sky around 3 in the morning of February 25.

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The military fired more than 1400 rounds of 12.8-pound anti-aircraft artillery at the mysterious aerial thing from the start of the attack until 4:15 am. However, the object kept on moving from Santa Monica to Long Beach and seemed to have no damage at all from the barrage of shells from the military.

Among thousands of witnesses were very credible reporters from local newspapers in the area. They saw the bizarre event up close and personal. Strangely, the U.S. military announced later that it could be just a weather balloon. The witnesses did not believe it as they thought it was being maneuvered in ways that no balloon or even known aircraft could do that time.

If the military were telling the truth, the U.S. would not have won any particular war because they could not give any damage to just a weather balloon after firing 1400 rounds of shells. According to conspiracy theorists, the Battle of LA is the first mass UFO sighting ever recorded in the U.S.

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  1. it was for REAL and the photo they have is not the original one .as the original one had mysteriously vanished from the news paper at the time and had been replaced with a fake..there was definately a structure that was fired on and lots and lots of witnesses to the fact to be true ..either man made or alien in origin..but somebody had something to hide from the public because maybe of mass panic as nobody really knows for sure ..BUT it did happen..

  2. DID really happen and the original picture at the time mysteriously vanished from the paper which printed it and was replaced with a fake ..there lots and lots of witnesses to the fact that there was indeed a solid structure that was fired on .whether it was man made or alien as somebody had something to hide either because of hysteria and mass panick they just explained it away as mistaken identity at the time…g

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