Watch – Bright UFO Near The Moon


Matt Beland was taking a break to smoke after working all day on January 1, 2018. Amazed at the view of the moon, he took photos of it, but he saw something that even made him more astonish. He decided to flipped the video on and began recording.

The video seems to show a bright unidentified flying object (UFO) either coming out or leaving the moon till it vanishes.

It is not revealed where the video was taken.

According to Matt, it was not the first time he saw the mysterious thing next to the moon as he has seen the same UFO several times before.

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  1. If it has really emerged from Moon surface, the dimensions of the object must be just Massive. Is there any other witness who has taken astronomical observations?

  2. The object must be a plane as it gets bigger as it moves (so called ) away from the moon
    and towards the camera. His theme music is horrible..

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