Closest Ever To the Actual UFO As We Know It Caught On Video


UFO enthusiasts online claim that a video showing a glowing orb shooting across the Bolivia sky is the closest actual UFO they have seen.

The video starts with a sight of a small ball over the clouds as it seems to move away from the Earth. However, seconds into the footage, the bright orb apparently explodes, making a tail of super bright light as it somewhat falls to the surface.

Many viewers have praised the cameraman for uploading the video, calling it the closest thing to an actual UFO.

Others believe the video shows some sort of rocket but also does not.

Several others cannot decide if it is alien or not unless extraterrestrials use a field that requires an exhaust.

Conspiracy theorists have been uploading strange photos and videos that allegedly support their beliefs in the existence of intelligent alien beings.

But for some enthusiasts, nothing comes closest to the latest video when it comes to the level of evidence.

They say that the unidentified flying object in the video is the closest ever to the actual UFO.

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