Blue and Grey UFO Spotted in London, England


The witness and videographer of this strange incident said that he saw a triangle-shaped UFO with blue and grey colour moving above his head in London.

The observer stated he had sufficient time to get his 90x zoom camcorder and capture the strange moments in the video. He also managed to snap still frames of the triangle vehicle.

The UFO appeared to have unique colours and shape. The top of the object in question seems to be off-centre as compared to other reported triangle-shaped UFOs.

However, given the consideration of today’s technology, it is just wise to be sceptical as it is now easy to make something like the one on the video.

The bizarre object has a blue colour along with grey on the other side. Take a look at the video and see what you think.

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  1. why can’t we see the video? why only still shots? because it’s a toy drone that'[s why, and the poster doesn’t want us to hear that.

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