Disturbing Claim – US Officials Hold Secret UFO Investigations and Tests At Ranch


Alleged leaked documents have revealed that the US Department of Defence has done multiple undercover tests at the widely known UFO sighting area.

Skinwalker ranch has become the hotbed of UFO sightings with residents reporting a series of bizarre incidents.

In 2017, the former secret UFO study under the US Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program was first made public.

Now, Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) has presented documents revealing the programme also operated a secret investigation at the controversial Skinwalker ranch.

The BAASS manager said that their investigation offered new lines of proof showing that the UFO phenomenon was a lot more than machines that military aircraft encountered.

BAAS claimed that the phenomenon also involved mysterious creatures, invisible entities, poltergeist activity, orbs of light, animal and human injuries and much more.

Jeremy Corbell of Extraordinary Beliefs revealed the more extensive investigation of Pentagon looked into mysteries far more disturbing and profound than alleged alien aircraft. Jeremy explained that Pentagon’s other research focuses on a living laboratory and paranormal hotspot called Skinwalker Ranch.

Last year, American investigative journalist George Knapp revealed the secret document but claimed they left out some critical information.

Mr Corbell and Mr Knapp have produced an exclusive documentary “Hunt for the Skinwalker’ recounting Mr Knapp’s series of investigations at Skinwalker ranch.

Mr Knapp said that the documentary was like a paranormal Disneyland, focusing weird activities that took place on and around the ranch for hundreds if not thousands of years. Sightings include poltergeist-type activity, animal mutilations, unknown creatures, orbs, UFOs and several other inexplicable events.

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  1. Not a sinle image of alleged things in the whole documentary.
    Just hearsay,witnesses, people who heard of ..

    The main protagonist say “they arn’t allowed to tell about it”.
    what’s left ? not much…

    Sad, Bigalow and others are on screen, but there s nothing of interest.
    Claim it s a breakthrought, brand new world,and so on, but nothing to back up claim, a poor “i want to believe” as a statement

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