Fast UFOs flying over Maywood, Illinois 14-Oct-2018


Fast bright lights were caught on tape over Maywood, Illinois on 14th October 2018.

Witness report: The light was above the clouds. It was not a nearby business light. It was not an airplane. 

I was walking home and noticed a light in the sky making a circular movement. I crossed the street to see if it was a light coming from a nearby business, but it was not. It was just one light above the clouds/mist so I could not get a clear view of the object. The object was going in a circular motion over and over while slowly moving north. It seemed to be making a circular motion over a (not sure how to describe) worm hole? If you watch the video on the dark you can possibly see what I mean. The object was not the same as a regular airplane. It was just one light the same as an orb going in the same circular motion. Please see videos.

Author (source: MUFON)

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