NASA Probes a Video Showing a UFO Rapidly Moving in a Spanish City

An interesting video that shows a UFO moving fast over the Spanish city of Alicante has reportedly attracted the attention of the primary state-run American space agency.

The footage was reportedly shot during an electrical storm that engulfed the city recently. Alejandro Molla, a local computer scientist, was the one who captured the video.

Molla reportedly suffered the bad weather, which resulted in his sleepless night. He decided to record the incredible lightning show in the sky instead. After creating some video files, he noticed he had recorded on video something mysterious rapidly moving behind the clouds.

The clip shows an apparent silver disc looping through the clouds. Spanish news outlet Agencia 6 broadcasted the controversial video and Molla claimed that NASA filed an official request for the original copies of the video to the Spanish news outlet.

NASA is now reportedly investigating the incident through the video.

Meanwhile, some UFO enthusiasts have suggested that this specific sighting is evidence of an extraterrestrial spacecraft approaching the Earth for regular recharging, using the storm’s electric energy.

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  1. Close to a very busy airport of Alicante, so impossible to say what it is exactly, only that during lightning storms airplanes are asked to circle prior to landing.

  2. Nice video, boasting with loud and ‘mighty’ music, in the despaired attempt to show ‘something’ which is two lights close to each other.
    Every airplane would show the same two lights.
    But the ordinary people do LONG for something like a real UFO, as always
    But people are unable to realise the facts:
    Never any real UFOs would show up ever – for some serious reasons.
    But this fact will overstress your ‘remote-controlled’ minds.
    So – look, wonder, and see the ‘wonderful’ images, who are totally unimportant.

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