Huge UFO filmed over Aleppo Twp, Pennsylvania 13-Jan-2020

This was taken over Aleppo Township, a township in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, United States on 13th January 2020.

Witness report: I make it a habit of reviewing my security camera footage for the previous night, and on this occasion my camera picked up a large UFO slowly silently moving from the south west to the northeast in view of my camera. The glow didn’t alarm me as with night vision, any lights will glow bright. However, there are two things that make this different from other aircraft in the sky that my camera catches; 1) My camera microphones picked up NO sound, 2) I researched the flight history from historical radar which shows any aircraft in the sky back 30 days, and there is no flights at all over my area at that time. 5:59am – 6:02am. The was however at 6:20am to the Northeast approx 20 miles out of my camera view helicopter traffic, and west of my position at 6:20am commercial aircraft landing at the airport. None of which were close to being in my area. I took a screen shot of the radar as proof of my area at the time and there was NO traffic until 19 minutes after the sighting. I am not trying to pass this off as an extraterrestrial vehicle, only that what My camera videoed is “unidentified”.

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    • Yes Lawrence, you are right with your suggestion.
      I think that the video-uploader does know the Mutually UFO Network.
      He can not only tell what he saw he even can show a recorded video.
      There is to see something unknown flying light without any sound.
      Great video….!!!

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