VIDEO: Daytime UFO over Perth, Australia

This daytime footage of a bright unidentified flying saucer in the sky above Perth in Australia. This was taken on 25th December 2019.

Witness report: My friend tells me she spotted 4 light balls evenly spaced heading directly West which is leaving the land here and heading out over the ocean. The light balls were spotted about a week ago.

I got home after lunch the same day and noticed a right angle cloud in the sky above my house. It was interesting. At that moment i could here a plane coming from over the ocean towards my house heading East. It began spraying a substance. The thick and nasty trail was sprayed at low altitude.

The plane had passed and that is when i could see what appeared to be a round ball object floating above. To the naked eye it appeared shiny and round. It would change from black to shiny in appearance.

I ran inside and grabbed my Samsung phone.

This object was definitely under control or in control. I feel it could see that i was recording and came over to show off to the camera before slowly moving West back over the ocean.

The main reason for this sighting was to allow the truth to grow. We have ideas of things we learn but until we witness them for ourselves we will not usually believe in.

The day has come. I share with you all.

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  1. “It began spraying a substance. The thick and nasty trail was sprayed at low altitude”.

    You are aware planes dump fuel sometimes prior to landing(?)

  2. Hello all,
    I recorded this. Here is the original link.
    Please enjoy.
    I recorded other light orbs that afternoon and a few days later.
    big love.

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