Lights in the sky above Kalamazoo, Michigan 7-Apr-2020

This UFO sighting video of an unknown lights flying across the night sky above Kalamazoo, Mi was filmed on Tuesday, 7th April 2020. It was submitted to us through our Facebook page. The author said: “This isn’t the first I’ve seen but it is the first I caught…

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    • Yes, there are some lights, but they are stationary. Flashing in red and ‘placed’ behind a group of trees, we cannot see the source. But it is not any ‘strange’ nor even ‘extraterrestrial’ grounded.

      • The very beginning is where the moving unexplained light is. The others are cell towers. I took the video.

    • Not when the 4 points of light are equally apart. Thus I think your hypothesis is “Wac”!…I have plenty of footage of ufo’s in “Kazoo”. In one video I recorded over 20 in an hour flying in fleets. Bright orbs that can stop on a dime, then shoot off around 3000 miles an hour “easY”….!

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