2 ORBS filmed over Frankfort, New York 27-May-2020

These two orbs were seen and recorded flying across the sky above Frankfort in New York. Witness said there was strange sound coming from the orbs. This sighting was filmed on Wednesday, 27th May 2020.

A very bizarre and inexplicable sighting was recorded by a resident of Frankfort, New York from his house during the twilight hours. The video shows two turn-top shaped objects emanating yellow light and hovering next to each other a certain distance apart. The video recorder calls them ORBS. Upon zooming the video, the real shape of the objects becomes quite clear. It looks like two oval shaped UFOs arrange on top of each other with the top UFO inverted in orientation. However, the weird shape is not the most striking feature of the object. What catches the eyes more is the fact that the UFO or ORB is completely enveloped in a blanket of yellow light. It is either made up of a metal or element, which is unknown to this planet or trying to conceal its real shape and structure behind the envelope of yellow light. After hovering at a single place for about 2 minutes, both the objects start travelling one after another that causes the generation of a weird kind of sound, as is generated when a motor boat travels on the water.

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