Daytime UFO filmed over Eagle Pass, Texas 18-May-2020


In yet another bizarre sighting in Eagle Pass, Texas in the last 4 days, an unidentified object (UFO) was recorded gliding across the cloud filled skies. The spectators have claimed of seeing the same object flying across their town several times before as well. The object seemed to possess an EGG shape, which is quite famous and very common among the UFO sightings reported on planet earth. The UFO did not seem to be in such a hurry as it was gliding at snails place. There have been rumours that the object was a surveillance machine developed by the US Air force and Eagle pass had been chosen as its testing ground. But the organisation refuted the claim and dispelled the rumours. The shape possessed by the UFO is highly uncommon in all the object known to mankind, so it can be, to some extent, believed that the object had out of this world connections

Witness report: Egg Shaped Flying Object In Sunset Sky. On Thursday 21, 2020, Laughlin Airforce Jets from Del Rio, Texas, presented a flyby over our town earlier in the day around 4PM. Later in the day, I myself was on SnapChat Social Media where I tried looking for local videos of the jets. I went on Snap Map and tapped on the town’s area, as I searched I found a video by someone unknown. I have no idea who uploaded this or the time uploaded. Just the date posted. I share this because I’ve personally sighted this object in my town before. I’ve also submitted the footage of my sighting a while back. I can only assume the area of the video as on Snapchat, a blue “hot spot bubble” was seen over a small neighborhood. I don’t own the video I just found it. Only public account’s videos can be seen in such hot spot bubbles. I have attached a screen recording of the original sighting below. I also added two screenshots of the Snapchat map where the blue hotspot I mentioned can be seen. I also had circled the area where the “blue hotspot” appeared a few days prior.

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