UFO VIDEO: Fast object over Montreal, Canada 22-May-2020

Really fast UFO filmed over Montreal, QB, Canada on 22nd May 2020. Few hours prior to the sunset, in the Montreal province of Canada, a lightning fast white flash of light was seen gliding across the orangish skies. The object, whatever it was, seemed to be travelling at highly fast speeds, much faster than a commercial plane. The object seemed so small and was very difficult to locate if enough attention weren’t paid. The unidentified object seemed to be flying at a very high altitude, much higher than most of the airplanes known to earth do. The object could have been a high technology fighter jet, but generally the flying fighter jets emanate a lot of sound and in this case the object seemed to be noiseless. It could also have been a satellite but none of the satellite timings were synchronised with the time at which the object was filmed. This clearly points to the fact that the object did not belong to this planet and so it has been named a UFO.

Witness report: Light moving very fast in Montreal. Path with directional change. Around 21:00, I was looking outside from my home and I saw a white bright light moving very fast in the sky. It seems it was faster than a commercial airplane. It passed over the tree, like 10 meters above and ascend very fast and high in the sky. Then it changed color to green and red and make a drastic turn to the right (it was at this moment that I capture the video) and turn drastically to the left. During this drastic turn, another light pop-out like it was come down from the sky like. It looks like a mosquito that moved in chaotic direction, but the were no light around me that could enlight a mosquito like this. So this light appeared in the sky and went near the other light and then moved out to the left as fast as it came. When the second light went near the first, the latter turn drastically to the same direction than the former and went very fast and high to the North-West

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