Daytime UFO over Long Beach, CA 21-May-2020

Unidentified flying object in the sky above Long Beach, California. Date: 21st May 2020.

In the otherwise clear skies of California, USA, a mysterious white speckle appeared during the day time. Many viewers were awed by the appearance. What intrigued the spectators the most was that the white dot representing an unidentified object presented the disappearance act (like in a magic show) so many times during the 4 minutes time interval and this feat seemed almost impossible to have been performed using the earthly technology. The object suddenly seemed to accelerate at a very high speed while it was invisible. Before disappearing, the object was at extreme right end of the screen and within just 10 seconds it appeared right in the center of the screen. The object seemed to gain some aerodynamic advantage upon getting invisible. The UFO would have to be smaller than normal UFO sizes, due to which it was able to break the sound barrier

Witness report: Ball of light hovering then moving in a straight line then zig zagging. Ball of light witnessed for 15 minutes then disappeared and returned 10 minutes later then disappeared and returned 5 minutes with another one. Seen in different areas each time. The orb would pulsate from extremely bright to not being visible. On 1 minute mark of video craft can be seen moving erratically. Witnessed for about 40 minutes all together then lights went out.

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