First crop circles in 2020!

This heart-shaped crop circle was found in Southern England on 26th May 2020. The exact location is unknown at the moment.

Watch the video below to see more images about this circle from United Kingdom.

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    • Quite the opposite.
      You have movie ETs or “Earth-discovering” ETs in mind.
      The truth is that they have been around a long time, and the spiritual (heart) awakening is what they (positive) ETs are observing in us.

    • If you ask three questions, then in the first two you can try to find an explanation where people could somehow be involved.
      But the third question is difficult because the grain is cut and the field is plowed and new seeds are sown and a ghost grain pattern appears in the same place the following year.
      People have also been proven to have made some grain circles, but none of what people have done in the next year has formed a ghost grain circle!
      Can a person walk in a field without leaving footprints ?
      Can a person walk in a tractor tracks without leaving footprints ?
      Can a person do this next year ? Time 32.55-34.13
      Ghost Formations ! Time 4,32-5.49

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