“Something fall from the sky” during a storm – Muskogee, Oklahoma

Oklahoma UFO

No one in Muskogee, Oklahoma thought that a thunderstorm could bring with it something that would leave all the viewers in wonderment. In the night sky at Muskogee lit by the incessant strikes of thunder, as people were recording the videos to capture the unprecedented landscape spread before them, they witnessed an object plummeting towards the earth at a speed barely noticeable by the human eye. However, when when one of the video recorders played it in slow motion, they saw something that shook them to their very core. Upon zooming in on the video, the recorder found that the fallen object had an uncanny resemblance to a metal donut. The viewers surmised that it could have been a thunder struck remnant of some SPY drone or airplane, working for some rogue nations. The weirdest thing happened when a search part left to find the object but I couldn’t be found, as if almost it magically vanished into thin air. Owing to its explanation, some people from the search party link the incident to some extraterrestrial sources. This strange sighting was submitted to me through our Facebook page.

Witness report: I took this video of lightening tonight and noticed something fall from the sky around the 5 second mark.

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    • I watched it several times and thought maybe you’re right but when I looked at it some more, have to say nope it’s not a raindrop on the windshield. Sorry

  1. Might we understand that our extraterrestrial elders are MARKING when they do something such as what was caught on video while filming lightning? And what is MARKING all about? If we understand that our industrial strength investment grade nuclear war fighting hobbyists are determined to extinguish as much of the human race as is possible with nuclear weapons might we conjecture that Muskogee is slated for a hydrogen bomb attack? Might that be why extraterrestrial elders MARKED Muskogee? “Meta transiliatory communication” is what a MARKING is.

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