Flying saucer filmed over Tijuana, Mexico yesterday!

This amazing recent UFO video was filmed in the daytime sky above Tijuana, a border city in Mexico, just south of California. This happened yesterday, on 3rd June 2020!

Witness report: Every day I go out to see the sky for a few minutes and today I saw a dark spot on some hills and I ran through my camera and zoomed in to see what it is and managed to capture this.

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  1. Nice video. It looks as though, at the end, the UFO accelerates in the direction away from the camera and becomes smaller and smaller as it gets farther and farther away.

  2. Nice video: You go outdoors to see the very bright sky. And you have nothing else to do than to start your video recording by staring into the bright skies. And – suddenly – you have caught something which obviously moves in the sky.
    Too obvously to see your so called ‘efforts’, to video recording something, which was absolutely not visible before.
    No, instead a clear fake.
    And you uploader feel sooooo strong and soooo ‘important’, right?
    Shadows I do see at every single day, and now I do see just another one…….
    Nice try, robot.

    Greez, Living Soul

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