Woman Catches a UFO in Rodborough

Daphne Denley claimed to have snapped an unidentified flying object (UFO) as she photographed the setting sun.

She had been using her camera to get pictures of a fantastic sunset over Rodborough, on Sunday, May 17. When she looked at the images of the sunset, she noticed the mysterious thing.

You have to spot it to believe it, according to Daphne.

She initially thought of a flash on her camera or street lighting. However, when he looked at the details of the photo, her camera flash was off, and no street lighting on the area of the incident the next night

She may sound bonkers but these things don’t happen much, or do they?

Lately, there have been more people looking at the sky while staying inside their residence as a result of coronavirus, clear sky, and many of the Starlink satellites launched by SpaceX.

Do you think the bright thing in the photo is a UFO? Let us know in the comment section.

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  1. omg Ive been watching through a live cam over mission beach san diego ca and have seen this same shaped object day after day in the sky early morning hours between 3 am and 5 am, I thought it might had been a weather balloon until I seen your post am I crazy are we both crazy I don’t think so who do I contact in regards of this, I sure would like to know more about it

  2. Positively IT’S a UFO, there are no doubt of it, and it’s beautiful, brightness and clear,it’s no easy to get this kind photo.

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