Witness filmed cigar-shaped UFO over Galt, Missouri 21-Jul-2020

Here’s one UFO sighting video of a possible cigar-shaped craft making maneuvers in the sky above Galt, a city in Grundy County, Missouri. This happened on 21nd July 2020.

Witness report: Light hovering at fast speeds and changes direction. Light hovering at fast paces then changes direction rapidly in 2nd video. Deff not a plane

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  1. About 4 years ago, i saw a bright orange orb, pulsating like a plasma ball but faster. Flew right across the building, it was 45ft off ground, i was 30ft off ground. Went to grab binoculars at back of house to see something out of the front. Threw curtains back to get binoculars and there it was, just coming closer & closer, went over the house, i perished to the front to watch it move across other houses & trees. Absolutely awesome. From the house I’ve seen weird glowing green lights that light up he night sky, unexplained craft where others intercept it & then back off. Seen meteor showers falling, was amazing.

  2. I just saw this same looking craft over my property just outside Salem, Missouri on the evening of February 24, 2021. It was still daylight, around 4:30 or so in the evening, and I watched it for a minute or so. It moved at a consistent speed traveling South to North, made no sound at all, looked like a white pill capsule, and had no wings.

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