US President Trump Seems to Threaten UFOs with Advanced Military that “We’ve Never Had Before”

The US Department of Defense has created a task force to look into the unidentified UFO phenomena, and Donald Trump did not deny this media reporting. The Air Force released a video earlier in 2020 featuring pilots flying by an unidentified alien object.

Fox News host Maria Bartiromo asked Mr Trump in an interview to explain why the Department of Defense has formed the UFO task force and if there are UFOs.

Mr Trump answered that he heard it, and he’s going to have to check on it. He then quickly segued into a boast about the country’s military might, which some people on Twitter interpreted to be the president threatening aliens with the US weaponry.

He revealed the US had created a military that we’ve never previously had, in terms of equipment. Mr Trump said that he hoped the equipment and the weapons that we have wouldn’t be used.

He further announced that Russia and China are envious of what we’ve had – all built in the USA and rebuilt for $2.5trn. As far as the other question, he said that he’d have to check on it.

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  1. Good idea. Threaten someone with technology 100 times farther advanced then anything we have. Trump’s bright idea died of loneliness

  2. i think he was referring to our tic-tacs that travel at 24,000 mph.
    if we really were testing them against our latest and greatest eye-in-the-sky technology recently installed on the nimitz group and latest satellites and aircraft involved in the exercise. Perhaps trump was ‘signaling’ to other countries to stand back and don’t threaten us since we have this new technology.Without admitting we actually have it.being that we recently started a space force it would be a natural new ‘home’ for it but something they would probably let out gradually. today as a matter of fact i saw a congressman on the news mentioning our new ‘hypersonic’ weapons designed to take down incoming icbm’s and other extremely fast targets and small rockets. and he mentioned the space force also.
    perhaps the technology that moves the tic-tacs around so fast and accurate is now moving an explosive charge around with that speed for defensive purposes. if so it would be deadly for submarines as well since they go 500 mph underwater, or fleets of them as drones could take out many targets at the same time,like hundreds of enemy aircraft,subs,ships incoming rockets and even hundreds of individual personnel.
    now that i think about it, thats the main focus of the new tech on the nimitz group they were testing,many many high hypersonic targets tracked at the same time, from 80,000 ft to sea level…hmm..

  3. reengieneered UFOs will be used against China,if China becomes a problem in South China sea or other parts of the world, but not used to attack alien UFOs

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