UFO ORB caught on tape over Cape Town, South Africa 6-Dec-2020

This bright unidentified flying object was hovering in the daytime sky above observatory in Cape Town, South Africa on 6th December 2020.

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      • A helium balloon would move upwards not sideways.
        It would also appear smaller and smaller as it’s distance from the camera increases, but yet, the object is the same size at the end of the video as the beginning.

      • What I meant was. that all we seem to get on tape is lights! Could be plasma crafts, I know, but whatever happened to the discs and domes etc?
        Small thinking to you!

        • Many craft aren’t physical in the sense that we understand.
          They phase in and out of our reality by changing their frequency and vibration on an atomic level.

          If anything, these are far more interesting than ‘metallic craft’ because humans have been reproducing physical, metallic craft in secret facilities for decades.
          So, those boring metallic ones are more likely human creations than these.

          Small thinking coming from you, indeed

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