V-shaped formation over Princeton, NC 9-Dec-2020

This triangle-shaped formation was seen and photographed over Princeton, North Carolina on 9th December 2020.

Witness report: My mom’s secretary took this picture last night in Princeton NC, I am not the original photographer. The picture is taken outside, she said she noticed them outside, that they were not moving, and that is what originally caught her eye. So she saw them with her naked eye first, she also noted there was no sound. We are close to Seymour-Johnson AFB.

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  1. That is an interesting line-up of UFOs in the sky spotted around the end of last year, wondering is that Princeton NC near Tarboro NC? On Dec. 29th of last year while riding in the car with family members in Washington NC, I saw my first close encounter UFO in the sky during somewhat early night time with a clear sky. Had my cellphone with me and did not have a chance to capture, pointed out the window for my little nephew to see too. The encounter did not last very long, the oval object with two lights and small triangular fin disappeared quickly after moving along a bit in the car. It was silent, low, medium sized, had two different lights ( stationary tiny green light and tiny blinking white light) across from each other. I drew what I remember seeing, wanted to make a report but no photo evidence and one witness may not do with an official report. You are the third person I told about my sighting, would like to have been able to get a picture to share too. Thanks for sharing your close encounter in NC as recent as Dec. of last year, really cool!

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