Robbie Williams Hires More Security Personnel to Guard Him Against UFOs and Aliens After Terrifying Experiences


During interviews, Robbie Williams has said many times that he believes that we’re not alone in the universe, but the thought that extraterrestrials can contact causes him, terror.

Because of this phobia, he strengthened his house security to the point of even hiring a bodyguard to watch over while he sleeps.

The famous singer previously confessed during an interview for the Alien Nation his meeting with what he believes to be a UFO when he was sober. He said that he might have a mental illness, but he wants to share his story with the skeptics.

He also shared that he always felt terrified, thinking that aliens could try to contact him. The artist is aware that statements like his will always be taken with skepticism.

For this reason, he didn’t rule out that he may have suffered hallucinations in the past, which could explain his alleged sightings of UFOs.

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      • Francine, many years ago I had an experience that MOST PEOPLE
        DO NOT HAVE and had been very enlightened as to Star people, and
        their UFO’s. Most people would not believe it but nevertheless it happened. Just take my word for it!

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