Flying saucer filmed leaving underwater base in Antarctica? May 2021

This video was just published on social medias a few hours ago. It shows some kind of a flying saucer filmed from a helicopter over Antarctica, allegedly filmed last month (in May 2021). Is this a UFO that’s leaving some kind of underwater secret base in the continent of Antarctica?

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  1. To the best of my knowledge, this video was first posted by “Omega Ovis UFOs” which is a non-governmental UFO group in San Juan, Costa Rico.

  2. Looks like a paint can cover. So weird. Wouldn’t surprise me if there was a base at both poles though…. perfect place for them.

  3. The saucer definitely appears like cgi. In my opinion the cloaking/camouflage mechanism works against how cameras operate and will always appears like cgi. The water trail is definitely interesting though.

  4. Of course it is. The only question, is who is flying it? ET, Unknown Earth species, US Defense Industry, or secret society. Great capture – who was in the helicopter? These videos need PROVENANCE! Where? When? Who? Without this data, it could also be CGI, and thus, nearly worthless.

  5. А почему такая большая тень (высокая) если объек летит над самой водой?

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