Gigantic Snake Like UFO over Bakersfield, California 4-Jan-2022

This huge snake-like UFO was caught on tape over Bakersfield, California on 4th January 2022.

What do you think about this sighting?

Witness report: My father and I were getting ready to leave our shop and I spotted something odd. At first I thought it must be some plastic bags or something simular. I brought it to my father’s attention and we both stood there trying to figure put what the hell we were looking at. We watched this object climb from maybe 1000 feet to an altitude of at least 15000 feet. I am more than happy to speak with someone and describe this event in much more detail, as I am trying to type this on my phone and it is quite time consuming. I have multiple videos and pictures. I just want someone to explain what we saw.

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  1. A metatransiliatory communication. In ordinary words, a “MARKING.” Our extraterrestrial elders are helping open our consciousness up so that we can perceive what is going on in our world and neighborhood.
    Any hydrogen bombs planted in that neighborhood?

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