UFO Landing Sites: Evidence of High Energy Radiation and Physical Effects


In December 1987, Ed Walters of Gulf Breeze, Florida reported a UFO sighting and subsequent investigation revealed that the craft had left physical evidence in the form of altered grass and soil in the area where it had been hovering. The grass had turned white and the soil had undergone some sort of energy exposure, leading to difficulty in getting plants to grow in the area for two years.

Dr. Edward Zeller and Ted Phillips examined soil samples taken from five recent UFO landing sites in 1970s and found that they showed luminescence properties and radiation effects, suggesting they had been subjected to high energy radiation. The soil from the landing sites was also extremely dehydrated and unable to absorb water. Witnesses of UFO sightings have also reported experiencing sunburn-like effects and extreme dryness in the nasal and throat areas. Overall, the investigation and reported experiences suggest that there may be a real phenomenon occurring with regards to UFO sightings and the physical evidence left behind.

In the third part, Russian biologist professor Samyakov talks about UFO landing near Moscow in the 90s.

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