California UFO sightings: Dana Point Residents Spot a Pulsating, Snake-Like UAP

Residents of Dana Point, California were left stunned on November 12th, 2022, when an unidentified flying object was spotted in the sky. According to eyewitnesses, the object was a long glowing linear object that appeared to be pulsating and had a snake-like action.

One local resident was able to capture footage of the strange sighting on their phone and posted it on their Instagram account. The video shows the object with a long lighted snake-like movement with a sloth-like slithering motion, which the witness claim that it is not of this world.

This UFO sighting was reported to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), an organization that investigates and records reports of unidentified flying objects.

While the object remains unidentified, the sudden change in shape and movement has led some to speculate that it could be some sort of advanced technology from another civilization. However, others are skeptical and believe the UFO sightings could be explained by natural phenomena or even a hoax. Until more information comes to light, the true nature of the object remains a mystery.

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