Mystical Blue Spiral Illuminates Hawaiian Skies

January 31, 2023 LUFOS 5

A blue spiral was captured by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan on Mauna Kea, Hawaii on Jan 18th & is believed to be related to SpaceX’s satellite launch. The mesmerizing footage provides a glimpse into the beauty and mysteries of the sky above us.


Most Incredible UFO Footage Analyzed

January 31, 2023 LUFOS 2

Incredible UFO footage analyzed by experts, leading to questions about authenticity and what it could be. Multiple sightings in Rio Blanco and Phoenix spark curiosity.


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January 30, 2023 LUFOS 0

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Mufon & UFOs: The Proof is Out There

January 29, 2023 LUFOS 0

Experience the thrill of UFO sightings from the perspective of a seasoned investigator. Learn about unexplained aerial events and the latest findings in the field of UFO research. Join us on the quest for the truth about UFOs.


Exoplanets Reveal Our True Ancestors

January 27, 2023 LUFOS 1

Discover the latest exoplanet research & the possibility of intelligent alien life forms. Learn about the implications for humanity & the potential for discovering our true origins in the universe