Multiple objects recorded over New York

Latest UFO sighting – A lot of objects were recorded – like this V-shaped on the picture below – in the sky over night in New York in January and early February 2010.
LUS 2010 – Recent UFO sightings. Greys conspiracy, Money in 2012? ovni

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  1. In the fall of 1999 in Warrenville, IL I saw a formation of huge black triangles like this flying slowly, silently in what seemed a broken V formation, through the sky above me. I was outside having a cigarette and taking the trash out with my head back, looking up at the stars in the sky when I saw solid black triangles flying in the V formation. Except part of the formation was missing so it

  2. Concerning the statement about the triangle formation in Warrenville, IL. In the summer of 1999, I was on a ship about in the middle of Lake Superior heading South East for the Soo Locks. It was about 0315 and I was on deck star gazing and observe three pin points of light traveling South to North. I could observe other stars between them as they traveled North. I watched them until they faded.

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