Fast UFO seen and recorded over New Zealand 23-Sep-2012

UFO sightings – This interesting video of fast object flying across the sky above New Zealand was recorded on Sunday, 23rd September 2012.
Witness report: An object spotted when skywatching on September 23 2012. The actual event is just over 2 seconds. This video is slowed down to about 20% of normal speed. I turned off the audio, as apart from bird songs, the only sound is me saying “WTF is it?” It surprised me, as it moved independent of camera movement. Once I noticed it, I started following it. Don’t know what it is, but hope it’s aliens on the way to stop WW3.
Author (ArapuniWizard @ youtube)

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  1. Yes thanks for this video, you answered your own question, yes the ORBS/light beings, are here to help us…look into the skies daytime and night time…keep the cameras going…love to u all…

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