Newly-Uploaded YouTube Video Accuses NASA of UFO Cover-Up

A video recently uploaded on YouTube claims a new American government conspiracy over ufo cover-up. It accuses National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of hiding detailed information of what could have been the closest alien encounter with humans.

The video shows a strange floating object near NASA’s International Space Station (ISS). The video maker arrogated that NASA intentionally switched from the main camera to a different camera to provide another view in the outer space. The ufo is described to be an alien mothership and is observed to have released small extraterrestrial flying ships the resemble dotted lights on its top.

The video questioned the move of NASA to suddenly change to a different camera without any comment or explanation given that the captured recording was already focusing on somewhat phenomenal event in the outer space.

In addition, the said ufo has a shape of a tube and is so large that it is enough for natural human eyes to determine whether it is earthly or extraterrestrial.

The space agency has been rejecting any claims about possible existence of ufos, providing scientific explanations to all reported cases involving extraterrestrials or alien invasion. However, the object showed in this YouTube video could hardly add to the speculations that extraordinary beings are so true that even the government is panicking to hide potential information leading to public disclosure.

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  1. today 11.52am uk time as i was watching the iss camera a small silver object in the distance was getting closer and then the camera was switched off as usual.<br />on the 28 of august at 8.17pm i was watching a silver object on iss cam.after the camera changed position there was a small snippet of conversation between an astronaut and ground control where the astronaut said &quot;its just been

  2. Too many astronauts and pilots have reported these objects over the years. I think that NASA is leaving because it&#39;s catching too many unexplained things as everything is on the Internet today. It&#39;s getting harder for them to monitor the skies. <br />This is a good clip except that the music isn&#39;t necessary.

  3. Hi All,<br /> Just wondered if this was a reflection of inside the ISS immediately behind the camera ? Keep an open mind things aren&#39;t what they always appear but his works both ways I like you both am a believer.<br /> If this is not a reflection then &#39;Houston we have a problem&#39; as this should send all goverments asking what the hell this thing is ? and what is being done about it

    • nasa states on their own website that all video of the earth recorded from the iss is done with cameras which are located on the exterior of the station.this rules out reflections from windows.<br />the camera lenses themselves are prone to glare and internal reflections from the sun but anyone who watches the iss cam a lot knows what these effects look like.<br />i noticed a spokesperson from

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