Sunday, October 14, 2012

NEW! Paranormal Witness: The Abduction 3-Oct-2012

The Abduction
Syfy: Paranormal Witness Season 2, Episode 9

Location: Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, Arizona 
Original airdate: October 3, 2012

A reenactment of the 1975 Travis Walton UFO abduction.


  1. great presentation of one of the best alien abduction / UFO cases of all the time!

  2. To fully accept the reality of this eveent you need to have had an upfront very close encounter with one of these type of craft yourself; yes, seeing is believing!!!

  3. Travis Walton has made a career out of this so called abduction, the part that is hard to rap your head around is why did he leave the truck when every one else was so frighten ,but not him, did he know something, and the lie detector tests they all could pass that too because they did see something ,but a UFO? Did Travis know what it was? did someone hide and feed him for the five days?-- to made money people can do what it takes and that is beating a lie detector test it as been done before!

    1. Yeah but your forgetting this... If Travis knew something and his buddies saw something, why did they leave him there? Was that planned? What if they didn't leave and stood there to see if he would get up?.. or what if one of them ran over to grab him? Then that would debunk your theory. Think about this, who in teir right mind is willing to go through all this. You know it ruined their lives... Money? Really?

    2. Yeah but your forgetting this ,the driver could have been in on it with Travis and just drove off as planned and the driver did see the lights and when asked if he saw someting on the lie detecter test could pass it because all he was asked was did he see something and no one got out after Travis because the driver did not let them. I don't think his life was ruined, they made a movie, wrote books, been on TV and travelled around the world, and if this really happen why don't we hear more of this type of thing happening and some proof (like something physical from the space ship)

    3. I have to confess that I find it difficult to understand the denial by some people. Here we have 6 people who have stuck to the same story for nearly 40 years and have passed two lie detector tests. I suspect that telling the story has changed their lives in not necessarily a positive way.
      If someone told you, a hundred years ago, in July 1913 that in less than 50 years you would be able to sit in your lounge in England and watch a football match in New Zealand as it happened, you would have locked them up. In just a short time we have advanced to that level. There are a billion stars in the Milky way (our galaxy) alone, and over a billion galaxies outside of that. Earth and our Sun are relatively young, and if civilizations out there are a million years older than ours, think how advanced they would be.
      The problem is that Earth Humans find it hard to accept that their intelligence is still in the dark ages. What have we achieved on planet Earth. The ability to wipe out each other with horrific weapons. The belief that it is right, to cut off another humans head because he doesn't believe in your god. And the extinction of other life forms, just so you can make money from their ivory tusks, and the ability to destroy the environment so as to make a few dollars. We are basically still stoneage peoples - and other more civilized beings have no wish to consult with our mentally disturbed culture.


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