Most remarkable UFO sightings in April 2013

Most remarkable UFO sightings in April 2013 by

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April 2013; UFO near a plane – Hawaii

early April 2013; daytime UFO – Zitácuaro, Mexico

8th April 2013; unknown lights – Thailand

9th April 2013; huge orb – Oregon

9th April 2013; daytime triangle – Brazil

18th April 2013; flying saucer – Turrialba volcano, Costa Rica

19th April 2013; huge unidentified flying object – Midlothian, Scotland

21st April 2013; big UFO – Cleveland, Ohio

24th April 2013; unknown lights – Oregon

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  1. About Feb 15th 2013 at about 10:30pm.I heard jets would say F-14s@least4.They must have been after something?Circled est:range of 20 miles for 10 min:and left.Went out side and could see the lites of the jet.Nothing else.Jets dont practice over Wellborn Fla.I am Hon Dis USN.andHon dis.NYSANG.I am 66 yrs old.I do not use drugs.Retired FLA.

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