VIDEO: Unknown lights hovering above Astrakhan, Russia 25-Apr-2013

russia ufosLatest UFO sightings – New video of a bright unidentified flying objects hovering in the sky above Astrakhan region which lies near the Caspian Sea in Russia. This was seen and filmed on 25th April 2013.

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    • ciao Janet, I m checking the video from here in Russia, listening how they talk can say it's all true, no faked, and yes, very interesting, those aren't flares, not even the last ones used here by the army from ground or by the russia airforce look like that, I live in one of the most militarized area of russia, see lots of weird things in the sky, and so, yes, believe me the guy taped

    • oh i do not believe they are flares. i was responding to the person who said they were flares. i really love this video. when the filmer pans toward the moon and the reflection on the water it's just beautiful.

  1. interesting for sure but looks like it could be balloons to me. does not look like dimensional transfer to me but door to mind open. never seen anything like it. good video

  2. I always enjoy the videos. Even if they are FLARES!(The flickering of the lights, the direction of them falling down is a dead giveaway.) Please keep your camera ready! The gov't has a multi-faceted drones and other experimental craft. (Lets not forget the alien "Flying Saucers" – Real and sometimes caught on film.) Some are ours [U.S.A.]Oh! Did I say, "I also enjoy group

  3. this is an astounding video! i vote it the best for 2013 and it's only May! the only little flaw in it is when he breaks for 2 mins and misses it reappearing, other than that, WOW WHAT WAS THAT!!! a fantastic nice long video!

  4. This should be making it to all the news, and jet not a comment? Great video, what more proof than that. No one can say this is a weather balloon, a helicopter, a toy plane or the ISS. I will love for one debunker to debunk this one. This video should be reposted with translation because I want to know if there was any kind of sound.

  5. Yes, how could these be FLARES? They don't move, they vanish and reappear again, and the position of the lights seem to be symmetrical to each other.

  6. This video is not only legit…It provides me the absolute proof to soo many sceptics…I am a aviation expert and am quite aware that these are nothing to be confused with anything such as flares, or any other conventional aircraft nor any such balloon or drone. Upon further inspection of this video they are very large objects and to produce that much light for such a prelonged time sugjest that

  7. Pretend debunker……Oh it is just a string of christmas lights being held up by a helium balloon and morphs into another shape, maybe a large ornament! There are people who will say &#39;flare&#39; &#39;birds&#39;&#39;plane&#39; &#39;helicopter&#39; no matter how good the video is<br /><br />I really like this one. Good job!!

  8. Well,I really don&#39;t know what was captured on this video???? But one thing I do know,it is very strange looking.So I think videoing it was a good thing.Also,I don&#39;t think when somebody comes out and says,Oh its this or that to try and Debunk whatever is in peoples Video.Just stop and think is there any humans on this Earth that really is such a expert that they really know what allot of

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