UFO Sighting Over Haunted Barn in California

A woman from Santee, California managed to snap photos of an unidentified flying object over in the suburban city in San Diego County.

Ellen Henry said that she snapped photos at a historical barn but her camera stopped working afterwards. Henry believes that what she saw floating over Edgmoore Barn in Santee was not a terrestrial object. She chose not to show her face to the camera because she was still shocked and spooked by what she just captured on her cam.

The barn is located under many flight paths and as of this moment, Gillespie Field and MCAS Miramar remain mum about the UFO sighting.
However, few others believe that what flew above was not a UFO-related thing considering the kind of different reports surrounding the barn.
The barn was formerly part of hospital grounds and a poor farm. Some say that the barn is haunted and that unusual activities in the area could involve ghosts. There were many people also reported ghost sightings in the barn-turned-museum.
According to the data obtained from National UFO Reporting Center, only one UFO sighting in May in San Diego.

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  1. very specific proof we are not alone or its a new type of area 51 ufo copied craft by space engineers this is a great shot well done to lady who shot this photo

  2. the title of the story does not match the subject of the story. thought i was going to see a nighttime shot of a ufo in new zealand. it could be complete coincidence that she captured a ufo near a haunted place. the two may not have anything to do with each other.

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