Mass UFO sighting caught in tape over Bortelid, Norway 22-May-2013

Latest UFO sightings – New footage of a bright unidentified flying objects flying across the sky above Bortelid in Norway. This was taken on Wednesday, 22nd May 2013.

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  1. no they aren't ufos, birds or anything else i can think of. what i DO think of is something coming from the show, with light reflections of some kind.

  2. Its the lights from the event that this was filmed. You can see the spot lights shine through the smoke to the right of the screen as people pass by. Debunked!!!!

  3. This is from the Bergen Festspill, an annual event with all kinds of artists,shows etc…<br /><br />This was part of the show, little helicopters doing choreography to the music you hear.

    • Ah thanks Mr Anon.<br />That makes some kind of sense.<br />p.s. Your post though earlier than my original wasn&#39;t actually on line when I wrote my later (8:10am) one below.<br /><br />Hmm maybe they need some &quot;swarm software&quot; .

  4. This is either a light show or a fake. I don&#39;t see anyone walking around and looking up at the sky and freaking out in any way. Nobody is pointing upward either. There was one guy taking a photograph, but in the opposite direction. Thumbs down on this one.

  5. Is this part of the show ?<br />The phenomena is probably in the sight-line of the stage audience.<br />Against this :<br /> would be hardly be visible/notable to the audience against the relatively high intensity lighting around and on the stage.<br /> (but um OK, bad LX design)<br /> Anything projected from the stage area would have to reach all the way to the cloud base (and that&#

  6. agree with all the doubters its part of the show no0t mass fleet of ufos why put these on ufo sightings lol pure nuts .

  7. I am from Norway.the sighting refered to is not mentioned in neither newspapers nor any Norwegian site. it is not a ufo sigthing, more of a look-a-like wannabe hihi 🙂 from lightshow on stage nearby 🙂

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