UFO fleet filmed over Glen Allen, Virginia 14-Jun-2013

virginia ufo

This strange UFO fleet performing some kind of triangular formation above Glen Alen in Virginia was recorded on Friday, 14th June 2013.

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  1. people who have a .."camera…" should take classesto learn how to use them!…I got "dizzy " watching this !…

  2. i just don't know what to make of this, specifically the ufo in front of the tree, or is it just shining through the tree?

  3. well… again OP you let yourself fall into the excitement of what you want to see and believe. A good observer will stay objective of what he/she sees and not jump to conclusion right away. <br />What you showed us MAY have been only chinese lanterns due to the fact they were blinking like fire blinks at a distance. <br />Please next time, look, observe with your cam, but please do not jump

    • When is the last time you saw Chinese lanterns form a triangle in the air, on their own? Be serious. This was something, one can say that. What they are needs to be investigated, I would urge him to contact Aerial-Phenomenon.org excellent group, good at debunking hoaxes but WILL admit when they can&#39;t explain…

  4. If he gets that excited over distant lights in the sky, he&#39;d have a heart attack if he saw what I have seen.

  5. yawn<br /><br />UFO&#39;s and the whole UFO thing is sort of, well, old. No one cares, it&#39;s all bull shit and nonsense and basically there&#39;s a lot of &quot;gurus&quot; making a lot of money off gullible people via youtube, conspiracy mumbo-jumbo and ideology. Enough already, we get it. There are no space aliens or space brothers from the galactic federation etc etc etc. Time to use common

    • you shouldn&#39;t be here then, cause people who come to this site are serious believers and witnesses to ufos. it&#39;s you who doesn&#39;t care, so go somewhere else.

    • You can get on with yours, and keep a closed mind, but I have seen some things that would make you change your mind, guaranteed. I know much of what you see on youtube is crap, but to say they don&#39;t exist is the real bullshit. This video is apparently Chinese lanterns, in my opinion, but I&#39;ll still watch the next one to try to identify that one, and the next, because I know for a fact we

  6. prerehearsed luminary display why all the hype so what 9 flickering lights why panic phone the cops if your frightened army base surely others had seen them but true ufologists keep an open mind . eh ?

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