UFO activity recorded over Victoria, Australia 27-Apr-2014

Submitted by: David

Sighting location: est. 3km north-west of Taylors Hill, Victoria, Australia
Date: 27th April 2014, 4.36pm

Report: It was a sunny afternoon on the day of 27th April 2014 and i was out with my camera scanning the skies for more Unidentified Flying Objects. I was tracking a commercial airliner for a frame of reference at 4.36pm when the UFO first came into view. It seemed to me the object was much higher in the sky than the commercial jet and a considerable distance away, est. approximately 5km North-West of Taylors Hill, Vic. Australia. The object was hard to see against the blue sky and certainly not visible with the unaided eye, no. A 62mm Infrared 950nm camera filter was necessary to spot this object. I believe this sighting provides further proof that what i have been observing in the sky over my suburb is a very real phenomena involving unknown intelligent lifeforms, and very likely energy-based vehicles under intelligent control. I have had previous close encounters with UFOs and i can rule out obvious explanations. After many months of filming UFOs i cannot claim i have ever seen any acts of malevolence or undesirable interactions between the subjects being filmed and persons either in the air or on the ground.

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  1. for the entire duration this object is maintaining consistency in speed, heading and altitude. A balloon is always susceptible to the erratic movements of the wind. The wind on that day was travelling in a north-easterly direction. it is unlikely that this object is a balloon. a balloon that much farther behind the jet would not appear that big on screen, either. freeze frame it at the point

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