Uncovering Aliens – Alien Invasion S01E04 2014

What is significant about Lake Michigan? Why are there so many reports of unexplained lights, lost ships and planes, and possible ET contact?

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  1. I seen this show and was blown away with the info. I lived in Michigan in the Traverse City area. And too I was visited by two grey aliens. I was home one day alone. And I laid on the couch and was taking a nap. I felt something touching me. At first I thought it my dog but realized it was like fingers. Thinking it was prob my son. I opened my eyes to see two small grey aliens leaning over me just staring at me. They were the small greys with the big eyes just like the witnesses said. I screamed and they seemed very startled by that and then simply disappeared right in front of me. I told my son and husband they insisted I was dreaming. I was not. Am glad to see this footage helps me know I wasnt crazy! Thanks

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