Most remarkable UFO sightings in May 2015

UFO Sightings
Most remarkable UFO sightings in May 2015 by

early May 2015; bright objects in the sky – Cordoba and Bahia Bianca, Argentina

9th May 2015; 2 UFOs – Melbourne, Australia

15th May 2015; orbs – Florida

22nd May 2015; triangle-shaped craft – Ituzaingó, Argentina

29th May 2015; UFO over volcano – Kuchinoerabu-jima, Japan

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  1. Hi all, as many know here I am hindu monk study-teach 43 years Vedas-(old hindu books) I know most here know ufo (VIMANAS) are real but many say they are not real all hindu know they are real I feel sorry for them read our vedas you can find them in English thank you

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