Child Confession: Stalked By UFO for Two Weeks


One of the credible witnesses in this world full of cruel people is the kids. Though, this is not an absolute principle; their stories are worth hearing. Unidentified Flying Objects are those objects flying in the sky, cannot be identified. It does not necessarily link to aliens, but most people relate it to them because aliens and extraterrestrial beings somehow exist in our stories. Who would make it, if it is not a man-made phenomenon?

Recently, there is a clip about the boy being captured on the mobile phone owned by the parents. Since the parents are concerned, they decide to send it to the “experts” for confirmation and verification. This strange footage was being recorded by a nine-year-old boy admitting that an alien had been following him every single day for two weeks. At first, his parents did not believe. However, the young boy was able to film the object, they considered the explanations. The object is flying around while changing its direction. Afterward, it vanishes in the midair.

According to the experts, the footage is a proof of alien craft following children. In fact, they camouflage themselves from parents to abduct the child. One YouTube comment said that the aircraft is almost invisible to the parents but visible to the child. Because of this, the object is frightening. The report is in connection with those recently claimed that there are strange objects following children, tantamount to a presumption to abduct them. While the story is unbelievable, the fact that the child was able to record the footage, it is a substantial proof that the incident is not fiction or a product of excessive imagination.

When you look closer, you’ll see the shifts of craft shape that changes its direction before dematerialising. It is normal for the viewers to share their opinions online. One audience even believed that the video is of title accusation, is more a reflection of the mindset of the uploader, than proof of anything nefarious on behalf of the craft pilot.

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  1. Thank you Latest-UFO-Sightings. I gave your publishers my story awhile back of an event that happened to me a long time ago. The very same thing had happened to me and my brother, while were visiting a lake in northern California. Its stories like these make me feel I’m not alone, and that we weren’t just seeing things, or tripping out on drugs.

    • Wrong it’s an after effects compositing video. Easily identifiable as a fake. Just look up Secure Team and see how many fake videos they have been busted for. It’s embarrassing. Look up Secure Team Saturn Planet Hoax. These guys are straight scammers with no regard for real ufology. Seriously look up the Saturn Hoax. He faked his own voice with a voice recorder pretending to be an astronomer. Got busted for that and admitted to faking the voice for more “dramatic effect”. Stop hoaxing. These guys are scammers.

    • Ron, you need to get some experience, because you are absolutely wrong about this clip. I ought to know, I worked with CG in Hollywood for 4 years, and in Videogames (PlayStation) for 4 years. You can fake anything with a desktop these days.

    • Although, in the case of this video, where you can see the aliasing around the ufo, which shows it was added in later, and they forgot to re-render the object to the background to antialias the object. Also, not the fake ufo and the tree leaves have the exact same lighting (on the bottom), even though the object is supposed to be a good 100 feet higher. Very amateur job, SecureScam. So don, your quote is apropos, although ini this case, it should be “By their shits we will know them”.

  2. I have watched this video many times, and it is very incredible footage ! This craft prepares itself for instantaneous acceleration, by enveloping the craft into a light sourse to withstand the speeds of the velocity its pilot wishes to abtain. This technology requires anti-cancelation force device, to keep its occupants from being crushed by the G-Force it is about to exit the area. The craft did not disappear from our eyesight, it merely exited in a 45 degree angle upwards, into the overcast of clouds above the playground. The shape-shifting appears to us as taking another form, but it is the light spectrum that makes us believe it is taking on a different shape. The craft has some kind of anti-matter device to turn the craft into a light source to transport itself and the occupants inside to accelerate away. Very advance technolgy that is probably 400,000 years ahead of our time. Abductees have reported being taken through the ceilings and walls of buildings, with a terrifying feeling of being ripped apart by molecule by molecule, and reassembled together at one molecule at a time in a reverse order, when abducted and brought back, with severe nausea and vomiting when final assembly is complete. This was also my own experiences, when I was taken 51 years ago.

  3. All i can say is that I have not heard of UFO’s stalking young kids. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.
    I believe that this type of behaviour from extraterrestrials is evil. Poor child he must have been terrified. Lucky he had enough sense to take a picture of it and expose it. I hope people that hear this story will not label this poor child a nut etc, It’s about time that people believe these encounters. This will affect this boy through the rest of his life. I hope he will be able to see a counsellor who believes in these matters, like MUFON etc.

  4. Are you people high? Secure Team has been posted for so many hoaxes. To further stigmatize ufos as child abductors is as low as it gets. Secure Team has reached a new pitiful low with this video. You do realize they get paid for every view. This is clearly a composite from After Effects, meaning it’s a hoax. If you look closely at the edges of the object you will see it’s a sloppy job as well. Also the disappearing of the object is totally bogus. Stop hoaxers. Stop supporting fake videos from profiteers.

    • Exactly right, Bernie. I think you meant to say “Secure Team has been BUSTED so many times for posting..” But it’s true these guys are dicks, and they SUCK! Yeah, the CG is crap, but most folks don’t know AfterEffects from MAya or 3D Studio Max. What can we do but police these blogs to rid ufology from FRAUDS like SecureTeam and TurdPhaseOfMoon. Keep it up!

  5. I am very grateful to the readiness of the parents for publishing this so remarkable and outstanding video which simply shows reality.
    I am very sure that the ‘little’ boy in age of nine years – told simply the truth. And certainly he sees that ‘phenomenon’ very differentiated to the view of adult humans. He has something well preserved, which adult people (nowadays) have usually lost: The natural openness, the natural curiosity, where a so called ‘fear’ is simply not existent. So he is just open for that, he even was able to record that ‘device’ on video, without any fear. Good boy he is.
    Apart from that the ‘flying device’ looks very special and in same time pretty typical. It is not something like a manned UFO, in contrary.
    It looks like a ‘drone’ but in special meaning and not comparable with any so known ‘drone’ in humans understanding.
    Those extraterrestrial ‘drones’ can work completely in ‘self-sustaining mode’ so to say. They do not need any ‘remote control’ because they work completely autonomous including fantastic abilities as changing the visibility state – on drone’s self decided demand (for sure!). All this is a so unimaginable advanced technology that Earth humans are simply unable to just realise or getting the ‘idea’ of it..
    That does not mean that such advanced extraterrestrial technology is ‘dangerous’ in any kind. No it is not. There onboard that ‘drone’ are so sensitive and special sensors which are able to even detect the so ‘open minded and clear thoughts of a young human’. And there is nothing to fear! Even for Ets it is a very pleasant experience to have found such a honourable human, even when he is so young.
    To the parents: Be in love and never doubt the words from your son, when he reports something ‘strange’ to you. He just tells the truth, as you can even see now with own eyes.
    And maybe that ‘drone’ may try to make a contact, usually in telepathic way. So you better listen to the words of your son.
    And for all the people who are interested in ‘alien drones’:
    I do know only one special story about extraterrestrial drones. And I invite you to google for:
    (extraterrestrial) Dragonfly drone
    – and –
    the (2007 leaked) CARET document, written by ‘Isaac’.
    He was working as researcher in the Palo Alto CARET Laboratory in 1984 – 1987. Read his exciting report……
    This will help you to understand the so advanced and complex alien technology. To add that never there was something dangerous with these drones nor to fear. In contrary. You will find out by yourself when reading that special report, as I recommended to search for it.
    My greetings to all of you……..

  6. The first thought I had, was that it was out of focus and that had happend many times before, when people did CGI and tried to blur their work-fails…

    • Dude good story but the point you’re not mentioning is the source of this video… Secure Team. If they have gotten busted for hoaxing once before what’s to stop them from doing it again. Furthermore when you have any video expert look at this video it is clear there are various mistakes in the rendering and compositing. Im really sad they used “child abduction” in their titling. That’s some seriously low down marketing. Honestly look up Secure Team Saturn Hoax. If that story doesn’t convince you I don’t know what will.

  7. SecureTeam posts more bullshit – almost as much as Turd Phase of the Moon. I wish this guy (the voice-over dude) would get a life. If I ever meet him, I’m gonna knock his teeth out (metaphorically). Ufology has enough nonsense – these guys who are good with CG tools ought to get a real job instead of polluting ufology.

  8. Whomever accepts photos for Latest-ufo-sightings, I have found the photo my brother took 21 years ago, with his Minolta T-101, 35mm camera, of the very same ufo we both observed hovering over Whiskeytown Lake, near Redding California. This is the ONLY photograph my brother had the opportunity to take, cause the ufo immediately accelerated away in a upward direction, as we were standing with other visitors at the U.S. Forestry Ranger Look-Out station.
    The ufo was hovering in the middle of the lake about 20 feet above the water, when I warned my brother what I was looking at, my brother had difficulty locating the craft in the view-finder, and when he finally found the ufo in the square cross-hairs, he managed to get a photo of the ufo. My brother tried to capture a second photo of the strange anomaly hovering over the lake, and it had quickly exited the area instantaneously accelerating away upwards. It shot away like a bullet ! His old Minolta T-101 is an older film thumb advance trigger, and it took him almost 3 full seconds to ready a new shot.
    Who could I send a enlargement copy to ?

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